5 Tips To Improve Your Turkish

If you just started to learn Turkish it might  has some difficulities at the beginning. But don’t worry it will become easier in time. So we gathered 5 tips for you to learn Turkish language easly and faster!

1- Learn new words

Evereyday you need to learn at least 5 words and try to use those words in a conversation or an essay. With this way you can not forget them.

2- Create your own dictionary

When you hear a word in a converstaion, song or a movie, you should write it down to your phone or a litte notebook and carry it all the time. If you do this, during a conversation when you need them you can just take a look in a second.

3- Try to speak Turkish with local peaople

ıf you have Turkish friends in your country or if you are living in Turkey, always try to speak with local people and don’t get shy. Because learning foreing languages needs a lot of speaking practice.

4- Whatch Turkish movies, Tv series etc.

Even if you have a basic level of Turkish, don’t be afraid to watch Turkish movies. Yes, you will not understand most of the diologs but you will have an idea about the pronunciation, also hear some words and you can check out the meanings afterwards. In time Turkish language will become more familiar to you.

5- Change your technological devices language to Turkish

Yes, it can be hard at the beginning  but in these days we are always using mobile phones, social media and lots of technological devices and we are  looking at them everyday . If you change your default  language to Turkish it will help you to practice your Turkish.