About Us

Magic Talk Academy was established in 2014 in Istanbul in order to meet the needs of foreign nationals who are in Turkey for business, tourism and academic purposes and approved by Ministry of Education. The center aims to provide quality Turkish language education to the students as most important precedence while implementing this aim. The fact that all students receive a high quality education based on one-to-one interest and enjoy learning processes is determined as a mission.

All of our teachers who work with us in our academy graduated from Departments of Turkish Language and Literature or Turkish Teaching and have a master’s degree in the same field and also, they have certificate in teaching Turkish to foreigners. The courses in our academy are applied by blending with technology in accordance with Common European Framework Of Reference For Language.

Besides Turkish courses due to the growing interest and demand over time in the academic sector, it has started to serve as preparation center for entrance exams for universities (YÖS) in Turkey.

Briefly, it continues its activities as a course and consultancy center with growing number of students for meeting the needs of those who came to Turkey in education sense.