Food-Related Phrases

It is necessary to know the proverbs and idioms of a language in order to understand it. In this post, we listed the some phrases about food for you. Enjoy it!

  • Aç ayı oynamaz: If you want a man to work well, feed him first.
  • Ayvayı yemek: To be in the soup.
  • Yeme de yanında yat: 1-Fit for a king 2- Too good to be true
  • Yemeden içmeden kesilmek: be off one’s oats.
  • Üzüm üzüme baka baka kararır:  A person who falls in with bad companions gradually acquires their bad habits.
  • Büyük lokma ye büyük söz söyleme: Eat a big moutful but don’t make a big promises.
  • Sütten ağzı yanan yoğurdu üfleyerek yer: Once bitten twice shy.
  • Hatır için çiğ tavuk yenir: A person will do difficult or unpleasant things in order to please others.
  • Üzümünü ye bağını sorma: Don’t look a gifthorse in the mouth
  • Can boğazdan gelir: Bread is the staff of life.