Language Levels

A1: Students belonging to this level have the basic grammar knowledge of Turkish and can make sentences to meet their everyday needs.

A2: Students who have learned how to make basic sentences, can use the new words they learned in a native manner with the native speakers.

B1: Accepted as an intermediate level, the students belonging to this section have learned an important chunk of Turkish grammar and can make complex sentences using rich vocabulary and can read and understand complex texts. B1 is also the minimum level requirement of Turkish universities for foreign students who would like to study in a Turkish faculty.

B2: Students in this level are able to debate their views in an open and wide manner.

C1: Students in this section are advanced level students who have ridden themselves of almost all their problems with the Turkish language and can speak in a fluent manner.

C2: Students on the last level of the program are able to read advanced texts and can understand and summarize the texts. They also know all the grammar that makes up the Turkish language and can speak with the natives in a phenomenal way.