Student Visa and Application

Students who want to learn Turkish language at Magic Talk Academy can obtain a Turkey student visa by applying to the Turkish consulates in their country with acceptence letter from our institution.

Required Documents for Acceptance Letter

  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Student’s contact information (adress, phone number)
  • Acceptence Letter Fee (100 USD)
  • Course Fee (If the student wants to obtain a one-year visa, he / she must enroll to the 5 levels course)

* The Acceptance Letter fee will be sent to the bank account provided by the school.

If a visa cannot be obtained for any reason, the entire registered tuition fee will be refunded.(Visa refusal document must be presented.)

The acceptance letter fee is not refundable.

Once the visa is obtained, it is required to enter the country before the course start date.


Students come to our institution with their passport and visa and complete their registration. After the complete registration, they can apply for residence permit.

For more information contact us.