Summer School in Istanbul

Turkish Language Summer school in İstanbul is a very interesting topic when it comes to the students who are really tired of being stuck in their home lands while studying, and it may be a pretty good idea for these normal people who want to go outboard and tour while learning new language or new topics related to their fields.

Now, let us be honest, there are a lot of places and countries around the world that have that option, there are hundreds of summer schools in Europe, Canada and America. But, in this article I want to talk about Turkey in specific, Why you need to choose summer school in Turkey and what exactly is the advantage of being here for you learning and living, so keep up and let us have a talk.

Turkey and Istanbul in specific, has the most amazing geographical location on the world map, Turkey has the Black Sea in the north, A city which has two part “Asian and European”, hundreds of touristic and stunning places, and lastly in the economical perspective; Turkey is a very suitable country for living and spending unlike America for example, here you can spend and spend the whole month as much as you spend in America in one week only, So all that makes Turkey a very attractive place to consider for summer school.

After talking about all that, let us come to the heart of the subject. All of us know that if we want to learn a new language, it is the best to travel and live in that country’s language. The conscious and unconscious brain will receive the information, grammar, vocabulary and the sound of the language while engaging with its people for a reasonable time. At our Turkish Language Center, we offer a one-month summer school Turkish language course for you to learn Turkish language, it is going to be 20 lessons per week so it is really good and recommended for learning a language plus 3 activities per week as well. The accommodation and all transportation are included as well with the fee price so you won’t worry about being foreigner in a new country all is our responsibility. You will start learning Turkish language while having fun at the same time which is super exciting, not only the language but also the Turkish food, most visited places in İstanbul, and a big part of the Turkish Culture you will learn during your journey to Turkey.

The activities will be in order to discover the cultural and the natural places in Istanbul, it has a lot of museums, palaces, castles, and mosques. Also, a huge part of the activities will focus on shopping in the big places and malls, and last but not least is to discover different colors and kinds of the Turkish cuisine in its parts (main and dessert) and more.

Learning Turkish and being in Turkey at the same time is a big big advantage for learning, you will enjoy your time a lot, have fun and get back to your country satisfied and happy.

If you are interest in Turkish language courses in İstanbul for summer you can check it out to program and for registration contact us.