Tips and Tricks – PART 1

Welcome to ATEM Turkish Language Essentials Part 1. As you can see we have some words for your first day in Turkey. If you don’t have any idea about the Turkish Language  you might need theese words  to communicate  with the common people. If you can’tpronounce them, just type them on a paper and show it.


Hello! / Merhaba! (You can say Naber? aswell but it is for close friends)

Please / Lütfen

Thanks / Teşekkürler (You can say Evyallah as well but it is a religious way to say it)

Yes, No / Evet, Hayır

What? When? / Ne? Ne zaman?

How? / Nasıl?

Who? / Kim?

Pardon me / Affedersiniz, Pardon

What does it mean? / Ne demek bu?

Help! / İmdat! or Yardım edin.

Why? / Neden