Turkish Language Classes in January

New Turkish Language classes are starting in January. You can find all the starting dates of the classes in the below. Learn Turkish with us enjoy the quaility! For more information contact us!

Get the TÖMER cerificate at the end of the level!

A1 intensive morning course will start on 10.01.2022. (face to face)

A2 intensive afternoon course will start on 10.01.2022. (face to face)

A1 intensive afternoon course will start on 24.01.2022. (face to face)

A1 evening course will start on 24.01.2022. (online)

C1 intensive morning course will start on 24.12.2021. (face to face)

B2 evening course will start on 31.01.2021. (online)

*List will update if there is any changes.