Turkish Modes of Address

Learning language is very interesting, because at some point when you feel yourself fluent, being able to open yourself and talk or argue about anything that comes to your mind in that language, you will realize that you are still learning new vocabularies, proverbs or idioms. In this article I am going to talk about something really important in any language which is Turkish language’s modes of address and calling, the way they call each other formally or locally, so let’s buckle up and learn few words today.

In Turkish language there are a lot of ways for the people to call each other, I am going to start with the formal speech, if you are for example at a formal office or you are about to call a man you need to say “Beyefendi” which means “Gentleman or sir”, on the other hand when you need to call a women you have to say “Hanımefendi” which means “Lady or Madam”. By this way you can call a stranger in the streets if you want to ask about something for example or when you are doing a governmental process. For instance; Merhaba beyefendi/ hanımefendi bir şey sorabilir miyim?Hi sir/madam can I ask a question?”

In Turkey, far away from being formal they use words to call others and it differs if the person is older or younger, if that person is male or female as well; the most common word that they use is “Abi/ Ağabey” almost has the same pronunciation, which means “Big or elder brother”, you can hear it almost anywhere; in the series, in movies, in the streets, restaurants, and it refers to the younger man. Same goes for “Abla”, which means “older sister” and you can use it in the same situations. If that person you are about to call is older, then it is okay to say “Abi or Abla”, but for more respect you can say “Amca” for men or “Teyze” for women, Amca means uncle and Teyze means aunt; it is more proper to call them this way because of their age.

Now let’s come to the funny part of this article; what if the environment is more friendly and around the same age, the first word that you will hear and use a lot is “kardeş”, it means “brother and sister” at the same time, this word you can call it to anyone at your age or younger. If they call their best friend, they have a lot of words to call each other with, one of them is “Kanka”, kanka meansdude or bro” it is a combination of 2 Turkish words “Kan Kardeş”, which means “A brother by blood”, and at that level you expect that these two dudes are really super friends.

As you can see collecting these words and learning it is very interesting and a bit hard to collect from the books because learning this stuff requires direct contact with the people. This is the reason why it is very recommended to visit Turkey if you are interested in Turkish language, a lot of the Turkish modes of address is being taught in the TÖMER Turkish Language CoursesTurkish Learning Centers”.

In Magic Talk Academy while you learning Turkish language at the same time you will engaged with the local people and you will have chance to learn daily life words. For new starting Turkish language courses please contact us.