Working in Turkey

A lot of us come here as a student, start to learn the Turkish Language, after that some of us attend to find a university to study in, after passing a couple of years in a country it becomes very hard to leave it to another place, so a lot of us tend to find job in Turkey or in Istanbul in special (since it is the biggest city in Turkey and the center of the economy). In today’s article I am going to talk a bit about finding jobs in Turkey and some advantages of being foreign who speaks Turkish too! Let’s begin.

In Turkey in general and Istanbul in specific, the foreign has a big advantage because of the languages he has, in Turkey it is very hard to work without speaking Turkish, because it is the main and only language in the country, but since this country has a lot of visitors, any one who has Turkish and one or more of other languages (English – Arabic – French) you can find a job quite easily. You will be like a bridge between the locals and internationals in the country. For example, you can work at a Turkish company and help them to contact with the internationals. Same is with the foreigners who have works and companies in Turkey, they always require a translator to work and make it easier for the company to contact with Turkish people.

What are the best business fields to work in Turkey?

Real-Estate; real estate is absolutely on the top of our list because Turkey is a very successful country in construction, and it is very developed in this field which makes its villas, farms, houses, and apartments in a high demand in the market. Being foreign who can speak an international language will make you the perfect fit because you will be able to bring customers to the company and get paid. All you need is some communication and patient.

Tourist; of course, we all know that Turkey is a touristic country, because of its amazing fusion between nature and history. This country in general and Istanbul in specific always require workers in the touristic domain. Tourists sure speak foreign languages and we will help guiding them here with our Turkish language and knowledge in the country through the agencies.

Medical Translators; becoming sick is unavoidable, anytime, anywhere, some people may fill sick in foreign countries without them knowing the language of that country. If you find yourself good in Turkish language you can get a job in a hospital and be responsible of the foreigners who come for medical support.

Foreign language teacher; a lot of locals and even internationals like to learn new languages, and there are a lot of language centers who tend to arrange some clubs for these internationals to make some collaborations between them, if your English is good you may teach private lessons for others, maybe you are Russian and want to learn English then you may have a language mate who can teach you and learn from you at the same time, double profit and double fun.

If you want to work in Turkey as you understand you need to learn Turkish first. Without Turkish language it’s so difficult to find a job. For that you can check our Turkish language courses.

All these kinds of jobs can be found on the internet platforms such as LinkedIn,, Glassdoor and more of the job search engines, all you have to do is to prepare you CV, and start applying.